The fabric of modern business process at SME, large enterprise, government and public entities business is increasingly dependent on a multitude of interconnected and interdependent secure infrastructures. While core services such as mail, database, backup and other corporate applications have always been critical for the business to succeed, their delivery is increasingly enmeshed with communications infrastructure and cyberspace more broadly. SITIS Inc. has been recognized for their contributions to the field of information security. The following list projects below, address how cyber security fits into most of our clients requirements for adequate protection of their IT critical infrastructure:

Business Contingency
Business Resumption Plan (BRP) Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
Digital Forensics
Research and Investigations Media Exploitation, Incident Response and Net- Forensics
Planning & Architecture
Applications, topology, perimeter, e-Business, remote access.
Prevention & Detection
Intrusion detection, vulnerabilities, incident response. Managed Vulnerability Assessment.
Incident Response Services
Vulnerability Assessment, Incident Response and Crisis Management.
Security Review
Host Build , Network Architecture and Design, Firewall Rule Set, Application Source Code
Penetration Testing
Voice Over IP (VoIP), Database, Network (Webserver, Apps, Fileservers), Wireless (WiFi)
Security Framework
IT Governance and Policy Framework
Training & Awareness
Customized courses, seminars & workshops
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