Security Consultancy


Governments, Commercial and Private Corporations

SITIS Canada provides solutions to both commercial and government customers around the world. Our clients span many industries and countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Trinidad and Tobago, US and Canada) and range from local SMEs to global corporations.

We build our business based on strong client relationships, and we work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure that their business needs are met with the appropriate security solutions.

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We work closely with clients across most industry sectors

Such as provincial and federal government bodies, financial institutions, telecommunications, merchants and payment systems providers, airlines and transportation, facilities management organizations, utility providers, automobile dealerships, foreign embassies and retail businesses to ensure success by delivering the latest cybersecurity solutions to their critical mission.

The security industry is working fast and furious to keep pace with the ever-changing cyber threat landscape. Our client’s world of business is ever-changing, with new start-up companies, new mergers, and new upcoming markets, new security threats are challenging the integrity of the security solutions that had been in place in the past. In a cyber-business market environment where security is highly regulated, it has now become a daunting task for a head start on future security challenges to business network security administrators or consultants. Unfortunately, there is no single monolithic security solution that can always resolve every issue at all times. Although our clients range in size from small to large corporations, our niche goal is to ensure that we secure the environment as needed. 

We have built our business based on strong client relationships, and we work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure that their business needs are met with the appropriate security solutions. And foremost we ensure strict confidentiality and privacy in our services to our clients.  

State-of-the-art business security solutions and extensive Canadian expertise

We have been working closely with our clients, providing them with customized security solutions to resolve their ever-changing security challenges such as:

Identity / Privacy Protection
Ensuring that a user trying to get access to sensitive corporate resources is a legitimate user. Secure login credentials from compromise, theft and hijacking

Data Protection
Ensure that intellectual property and other valuable company information stays within the corporation. Secure from tampering and hacking attempts.

Ensuring that malware is kept away from entering the infrastructure and endpoints so that users can confidently go about their business. Resiliency – Ensure that appropriate contingency and updates are in place so as to decrease downtime for security issues if ever the inevitable failures and problems were to happen.

Our Approach


Identify and Understand the Risks by conducting risk assessment as part of the Cybersecurity plan, establishing a system baseline that identifies key aspects of hardware and software components. Review and updating existing security policies, plans, and procedures as well as conducting security training.


Protect what you value - with our holistic approach. We recognised Cybersecurity as a rapidly changing battlefield that requires awareness, continuous vigilance, and a consolidated response from everyone involved. We design and implement secure layers of defense to enhance your cybersecurity strategic posture based on the PPT (people, Processes and Technology) framework. In the evolving secure digital transformation and management, our approach to the Cybersecurity Framework incorporates the PPT framework elements (people, processes, and technology) to ensure integrity in the processes, dependable trustworthy people to maintain the systems and effective and reliable technology.


Our Cybersecurity solution will enable you to build capabilities to prepare for and respond to cybersecurity incidents and breaches across business functions, geographies, and vendor ecosystems. We used the latest advanced technology worked alongside its experts to design and build advanced cybersecurity solutions. developed a cyber-communication strategy, identified several initiatives for crisis preparedness, and put protocols in place to better handle future cyber events for our clients. Our approach to cybersecurity reliance solution ensure that our client has the ability to respond, establish control, and resume back quickly in the event when there is a large disruptive intrusion or cyber attack happening. Our cybersecurity solution provides early detection, response and recovery in the light of the growing trend towards destructive cyber attacks that could threaten business survival. We used advanced technology, mitigating tools techniques, processes and architectures that organisations can deploy to reduce the impact of cyber attacks on business operations.