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SITIS Canada‘s cybersecurity solution provides a full comprehensive lifecycle of IT services to help businesses protect their critical valuable assets. We help our clients to proactively mitigate the impact of risks and potential threat of crime and cyber hacks by providing a well design and security solutions. Our cybersecurity solutions enable our clients to secure the critical assets, strengthens the cyber security posture and minimises the potential impact of a cyber attack and breach in the organisation.


We help businesses implement secure information security framework based on industry best practices standard, and to comply with regulatory mandates such as PCI DSS, Data Protection Act and Privacy Legislation (e.g., HIPAA, PIPEDA). We protect our customers from hackers and disgruntled or careless employees, and free organizations from having to build, staff and operate specialized security infrastructure. Need some help getting there? We look forward to secure your business process.


We've worked with the local, provincial and federal Government of Canada, independent private business entities, financial institutions in projects such as Critical Security Infrastructure, Threat Risk Assessment, Privacy Impact Assessment, IT Governance and Security Framework and IT Security Awareness training, Managed Security Services, Digital Forensics, Secure IT Project Management, Disaster Recovery Plan, Canadian Financial Institution Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for Chip Certification, Government of Canada Critical Infrastructure Protection, etc.


We worked across most industry sectors from local, provincial and federal government agencies, financial institutions, telecommunications, merchants and financial payment systems providers, airlines and transportation, facilities management organisations, utility providers and retail businesses. We worked closely with our clients, to design, develop, and implement solutions using sound business principals, best IT practices, and proven secure technologies.

Our Goal

Our goal at SITIS is to provide effective information security services and managed security services to help companies protect their IT security assets, be it small or a large organization. Our consultants design solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business in order to ensure you achieve your goals and objectives. Check out our custom solutions and services today.