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Our leading IT Security research analyst and expertise provides IT vendors, government agencies and the wider IT Security community related research services that pertains to their environment. When the economics sector such as business, supply chains and institution even the government depend heavily on Information Technology systems which are neither secure nor entirely reliable, then the economic losses is bound to be inevitable. The lack of security on the IT systems is significant as the economic losses attributed to such weaknesses can take a toll on the organization leading to bankruptcy or even to the extent of ruining the national financial infrastructure of the country.

Not only that computer-based control system run most business process today but much of the nation's physical infrastructure, including such critical operations as telecommunications and power distribution, oil and gas production, and water purification and distribution. Such systems are increasingly connected to the Internet and therefore vulnerable to new and unforeseen types of cyber disruption.

Fortunately many entities are now recognising the need for a research and development agenda that would:

SITIS Inc. offers a research and experimental development program description required to establish a secure, stable and resilient information technology infrastructure. Informed by national and international strategies and roadmaps, best industry practices, a research context for investigating the IT security challenge is presented to our clients. In addition, a set of guiding principles are formulated to ensure the IT security research program addresses the desired improvements, outcomes, and guidance stated in our clients to their environment.

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